Melissa Dubois Jenkins


Melissa is a health and fitness coach, a dance teacher, a community builder and a loving mom! She really cares about her people. She holds a BS in Kinesiology from Sherbrooke University (Canada), a National Personal Training certification (ISSA), a Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 1 through the CHEK Institute and has recently started her training in neuro-based fitness through Z-Health Performance. With more than 14 years of experience in the field, her ever growing passion for health and fitness keeps her advancing into the most avant-garde information for both coaching and business management.

With her holistic coaching approach, she guides her clients towards reaching their optimal health. She believes in creating awareness and educating about health by inviting people to take personal responsibility in reaching their goals. Understanding that health is about finding balance and that one needs to start with the self, she helps people demystify the true foundation of health. She’s a high energy person who loves to inspire others and bring out their very best.

Melissa first began exploring movement as a young dancer, and she continues to share that passion as a dance teacher and
choreographer. In 2015, she co-founded the up and coming local based African dance company Steel City Kizomba. Since then, they have been traveling around the country and beyond to teach and expand their dance training.  

Through RYS, Melissa plans to make a greater difference in the Pittsburgh community by providing the finest health & fitness coaching opportunities.



Gregory R. Taper


Gregory is an ACE-certified personal trainer with a Bachelors of Health Science, and Minor Emphasis of Gerontology, from Slippery Rock University.

Having an extensive history in health and fitness research, and first hand application of the knowledge he has accumulated over years of observation and experimentation, his personal practice not only delivers the aesthetic results which clients most often seek, but more importantly, focuses a lot on true health and lifestyle balance. This includes addressing such things as nutrition, safe and effective exercise, stress management, and a host of health-related habits that are at the root of issues which significantly affects wellbeing, and also limits progress for most people. He specializes in strength training, but is credible and available for helping with various other goals clients may have. This may explain why he has been able to retain active and satisfying long term relationships with clients, training them through their progressive goals.

His personal goals and objectives include providing clients with the awareness, support and tools needed to assist them in their journey. Not only does he give “on premise” guidance and support throughout workouts, but he goes further with support by offering suggested resources which he has compiled, remaining available for contact and correspondence between sessions, and giving special encouragement to client’s development of self-efficacy in their exploration of health, training and nutrition. Essentially working with them for as long as it’s needed for them to feel they have gained the necessary confidence and improved self-mastery and self-control in their lives, helping them help themselves. When creating programs he tailors the program individual, and not the individual to the program! While he acknowledges and addresses body development as being important, he emphasizes non-aesthetic aspects of health/wellbeing as a central focus!


Amanda Abdelrahman


Amanda is a freelance writer with a B.A. in Health and Physical Education (emphasis on health ed.) from LIU CW Post.

Beginning her college education at SUNY Albany, she majored in Communication and minored in Theatre/Dramatic Arts as she considered a career as a journalist. Having always been passionate about education, writing, health, and the arts, she transferred to Kingsborough Community College where she studied Early Childhood Education, gaining credit and experience to complete her degree at a four-year school in a field of study that can combine many of her interests.

She now spends much of her time working in the fitness industry while also maintaining her jobs in writing and childcare. Her ultimate goal is to move from Brooklyn, NY to Pittsburgh, PA to pursue a teaching career as a health educator, while taking on a larger role at RYS Conscious Fitness. She’s most interested in the study of mind/body unity and appreciates the holistic approach of RYS, as it aligns with her personal philosophy that health and fitness is multifaceted and must be approached from many dimensions to create balance in our lives.