"Stop suffering for Health"

By Melissa D. Jenkins


Private coaching is perfect for beginners, people who prefer the one-on-one sessions, and/or people who are just looking for extra guidance. Every session is customized to your needs, and sessions are per appointment.

All of our coaching incorporates training, nutrition and lifestyle improvements. Our PRIVATE programs are flexible, per appointment, and can be customized as needed. Every client as the opportunity to meet between 2-5 times a week. If you are interested in these programs, please check out our introduction program, ACHIEVE!



ACHIEVE is our introductory 12 week program, done through PRIVATE coaching. One-on-one with your coaches, you will be guided through the foundations of building a better health, getting stronger, becoming more energetic and feeling better!

During the 12 week, we will be guiding you through this ever confusing "health" world to find YOUR way to health. You can expect to learn how to create a balanced lifestyle through adequate movement, optimal nutrition, proper sleep and the right mindset. Changing never comes easy but with consistency, patience, truthful information and a positive attitude, one can achieve anything! Your health is in your hands - you have to power to decide what to do - it is up to you! We are here to guide you through this. Join ACHIEVE! 

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