The Health Journey

Everyone's health journey usually star ut he same! e start wanting to become healthier and more fit, maybe even through some adversity that inspired a change, but through the process find ourselves becoming quite extreme and obsessive. It often becomes n unhealthy turnout to what began as a well-intentioned endeavor. Being built upon a weak foundation of assumptions, ocial views, ear, superficiality and just bunch of isinformation, it's no wonder why things fall apart!

his is a "bad" thing, but it's also a very "good" thin (which I'll explain later!)

More often than not, specially upon starting, e iew "healthy" and "unhealthy" concepts in relation to what helps us appear in some standard of physical shape. There's an illusion that if what we are eating helps us lose weight, it must be healthy and if it causes weight gain than it must be unhealthy! The reason this can be very misleadin is because there is far more to the story than weight loss and weight gain in relation to health! Sometimes gaining weight can be extremely healthy for a person, and is exactly what the system needs, and sometimes losing weight (fat) is what the person needs. If the goal is strictly changing the number on the scale, than habits can be formed which are, cumulatively, quite destructive! Even if the number on the scale is going down and you are losing weight, it could be at the expense of your health! Body fat percentage can remain the same while you lose muscle mass, tissue, bone mass (etc,) and this is extremely unhealthy! It can eventually lead to many issues including osteoporosis, and other deteriorating and debilitating diseases.

We hear that we should watch our sugar intake, our salt intake, limit foods containing saturated fat, cholesterol, eat more grains, greens, nuts, take fish oil, tons of supplements, eat a lot of protein... the list goes on and on! Of course this all sounds like good information upon starting becaus the things I listed are "bad", right? Our government and health officials (the media, doctors, etc) supposedly know the truth of what to do. Often, when we follow this advice, it starts off good! However, we eventually run into issues, stop making progress, and our bodies start to breakdown with injuries and/or health conditions. What's the deal? This adversity IS helpful because it causes us to dig deeper, look for more help, and try other ideas!

Going through these experiences allows us to be more open minded and try things we might not have tried before! Maybe sugar isn't so bad, maybe salt is necessar, maybe I don't need to take so much fish oil and spend so much money on supplements! Maybe it's all about balance!?!?

This is what we teach the clients who work with us at RYS! Education is a very big part of what we do and believe in! We not only tell you what TO do, but we provide you with the information necessary for you to form your own opinion, making it sustainable long term, and adaptable to your own lifestyle! We meet you where you are, and work WITH you! We want to help you see that you don't have to suffer to be healthy, or in shape, and that balance is vital! Fun and health can be one in the sam!