Same Way of Thinking, Same Results

This is NOT a weight loss program. This is a health first, muscle building, HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE fat loss, NO REBOUND lifestyle program.

If you want to lose weight, go restrict your calories, over train doing cardio, be miserable, lose your period, forget your libido, feel like shit but be happy because you lost 10 pounds of ... muscle, tissue, bone and a little bit of fat. But in the process you created dysfunction, facilitated disease, and potentially will experience a rebound (more fat gain while having less muscle) in the near future.

Healthy muscle building focuses on fueling yourself with the appropriate foods that facilitate the metabolism, create muscle development, inspires healthy sustainable fat loss, health and wellbeing. BUT, this takes time. There is no time length because giving a timetable takes away from the health importance and a definitive length would be a lie. The time length is person specific on how committed they are and how long they have been living a certain way. You have years of behaviors, beliefs, habits, thoughts, lack of and bad eating built in and that takes time to reset, change, and form new habits.

Maybe start to open up to the idea that your way of eating, and living isn't serving you (based upon the results and where you are) and that maybe you should let go of that and listen to the advice of your coaches.

Let go of your old mentality because it has gotten you to this point, a point in which you don't like how you feel and look. So stop thinking your going to get the results you want by not changing the things you have been doing.

It is also time to put in the work. If you think you can half ass or be lazy with your nutrition/sleep and come in and just go through the motions working out and get the results you want, you're in for a rough time. It won't happen.

Let's slowly reverse what we have been doing and form new habits, new behaviors, new standards together. We have to be honest with each other and ourselves and until we are, don't expect to get anywhere other than where you have already been.