Praise Your Body

When was the last time you thanked your body for being awesome?

We are often extremely hard on ourselves! It somehow tends to get even worse when we want to become healthier and more aesthetically pleasing through nutrition and training! We tell ourselves we aren't good enough, how ugly our bodies look, or how we need to work harder and be "better." We berate our bodies with negative self-talk almost constantly!

If we were to stop and think about all of the amazing things our bodies do for us on a daily basis, we would really cultivate a healthy dose of self compassion and gratitude! It would put into perspective all of the progress we make day in and day out! Focus on those things! We must focus on how strong our bodies really are and how they allow us to do many extraordinary things!

At RYS we are big advocates of positive mantras and affirmations during and after training, really admiring and appreciating all of the "little" gradual and cumulative signs of progress being made! This helps develop and grow our bodies the way we see it in our minds eye! We truly believe that if you visualize the thing you want to accomplish, put in the work, and know deep down you WILL do it, it will happen! Give thanks and acknowledge your progress! Appreciating and acknowledging ourselves is more significant to our quality of life than any end result! Enjoy the process!