More Than Just Personal Training

Being a personal trainer is amazing, mainly because you get to meet and help a lot of interesting people! Some experiences are challenging, most are good, but all are influential and essential for learning! You learn how to become a better person, coach, friend, listener, trainer, and healer. Many opportunities and ideas come as a result of these experiences!

The more you learn by reading and working with clients, the more you want to be able to better help them with their physique and health goals! Along the way, you come to realize that the current system/model isn't a very good one! You begin to understand that there is so much more to getting a better physique than just training alone. It involves training smart, stress management, sleep quality, proper mindset, and balanced nutrition (including what foods are more optimal than others for physique development and more importantly for health purposes). The current model of just "personal training" doesn't allow for all of this, especially if you're working in a commercial gym where you're limited with what you can do. This model sees the client, or "cash cow," as a dollar amount on an assembly line of people, just going through these people without getting to know them or really help them. Their main objective is usually just to get paid!

There has to be a better way!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

I love this quote by Fuller! It even inspired me to meet RYS owner Melissa Jenkins! When I was referred to apply to Melissa's ad for a personal training position, I was hesitant. This was because upon checking her website, I felt that the services offered didn't fit my interests. My friend pushed me to pursue it anyway, and boy am I glad that I did! What we're building at RYS is really something beautiful and special! Something I'm proud to be a part of in helping bring to the area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Something that Pittsburgh needs more of! We want to help you understand that health and fitness does NOT mean you have to suffer for health, suffer for a better physique, suffer for more energy, or eat foods that you don't enjoy! There IS a better way Pittsburgh!

We aren't your average personal trainers! We don't want to beat you up in the gym just so you're sore the next few days to feel like you achieved something. We take your whole life into the equation, and work with you to help you understand what it is we are trying to accomplish. It all starts and ends with health! Yes we can help guide you to a better physique, but not at the sacrifice of your health! This isn't a 28 day challenge, or a three day weekend detox cleanse. We won't make you wear a garbage suit during your workouts to make you sweat more. If you don't support your workout with good quality foods and meals before and after your training, we'll make sure you understand why it's imperative to do so. Not only is it important for your physique standards, but also for your health and well-being!  If you don't eat before your training session, we will NOT train that day, but rather use the time to talk about health and nutrition! Perhaps even provide you with a quick snack that we keep here in the office for such occasions. There is a better way, a smarter way, a more sustainable and fun approach to health and physique development!

We meet the client where they currently stand! This involves paying attention and listening to them!

How do we fuel our members when they are drained?

Whether it's energy building exercises like "working-in," going for a nice walk outside in nature with stimulating scenery, a nice conversation, silence, stretching, or breathing techniques, we emphasize to our clients that listening to their needs is always our number one priority! We are not doing our job (our passion,) if we can't help you leave feeling more energized, or feeling better about yourself and life than when you came!