Health First, Always!

This is more about health than it is about sculpting the physique that you'd like to embody! You can't sculpt your body to the best of your ability if your health isn't the emphasis! Health must be the focus in order for the more superficial aspects to be, and feel, worth experiencing!

You cannot "out-exercise" poor nutrition, or a body overloaded with stress (lack of nutrition/fuel, lack of sleep, lack of sun, unhappiness etc.) There's no doubt that nutrition is imperative to living a healthy balanced life, and to seeing results from your training program. There is a reason we at RYS like certain foods more so than others! We prioritize optimal sources for optimal function! Take this into consideration if you aren't progressing with your health (energy, quality of life, and body sculpting expectations.)

We don't force our clients to do anything that they don't want to do, but we do ask them to consider that they may not know as much as they think they do! Sometimes we need insight and assistance from people with experience, skills and knowledge that differ from our own in order to make progress! The clients that we work with who actually incorporate what we teach (as far as training, nutrition, and mindset,) see the best results in terms of their health, and their physique! While someone can indeed see great progress from just training with us, we ask them to temper their expectations if they eat according to their own plans (especially certain foods that we don't favor for overall health and physique development!)