Why Food Logging Is A Valuable Tool

If you are not progressing in the direction you'd like with your physique goals then tracking how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you are consuming will allow you to make some necessary adjustments as you go! Some people are shocked to find out that they are eating way under or way over what they thought they were. For example, fats are way more than they thought or protein is way too low. Tracking will allow you to see where you stand on average and what can be adjusted for a better outcome!
It isn't the sole cause, but not eating enough calories through out the day as well as chronic highs and lows of blood sugar contribute to sleepless nights. Logging your food will allow you to see which macronutrients need to be adjusted per meal, as well as the time span between each meal (whether you are waiting too long to eat or too soon.)
Eating the wrong ratios of protein, sugar and fat within each meal can cause body temperature to drop, resulting in a low body temperature. Not eating for many hours causes this as well! Tracking the foods you are eating will allow you to see if fat is too high per meal, or if sugar is too low (in relation to the other macronutrients), and this will allow you to start to see what needs adjustment for you to start feeling better.
Logging allows you to go back and see what is working and what isn't. It is practically impossible to remember exactly what you ate per meal (macronutrient-wise) and how you felt after eating that meal. Tracking will allow you to see the whole picture so you can make adjustments! If you are always guessing and getting nowhere, I would suggest tracking for 2 or 3 days out of the week. No need to do it every day or get crazy with it unless you like doing it, or you feel you need to log more often at first until you feel comfortable and get a better hold on things. Come back to logging when things seem like they are going a bit wrong to be able to take a closer look (ie. not sleeping well, not recovering from workouts, not feeling as good in general...)