Why Eat Healthy?

Recently a client asked me why I eat healthy and what the reasoning is behind the choices I make. Perhaps some of the reasons that inspire me can be of use to you as well!

HEALTH AND WELLBEING: Eating delicious foods that I enjoy makes me feel amazing! We are what we eat! How we think, feel, and act can be greatly influenced by the foods we eat! I love preparing the food as well. There's nothing quite like preparing delicious food for yourself and the people you care about to express your love for them! Also, preparing food in advance helps reduce stress! I know that if my schedule gets hectic, I won't be bothered with concerns about food, knowing I will still be able to eat the foods I enjoy and that make me feel well because I already have them prepared.
APPEARANCE:  love feeling great, but I also love to look good! Food and movement affects how we look as much as how we feel! The foods that we choose to nourish our bodies with can dictate coloration of our skin, the shape of our teeth and face, the appearance of our hair, the shape of our bodies and much more! I take great pride in my appearance and how I feel, so I make it a top priority to make sure I am eating quality food to look and feel my best!
MY PARTNER: It is very important to me that I take care of myself the best that I can so that I can live the life I want for myself and for my partner! I want to live as long, as healthfully and as able-bodied as possible! I love that her and I share that desire for ourselves and for each other! We inspire one another to be our best selves!
FUTURE KIDS: This reason has always resonated with me! Not only do I eat for my health and well-being, but for my  potential future kids as well! What I eat (and what my partner eats) affects us and them! Kids can develop problems even before birth because of their parents decisions on how they live and what they put into their body on a daily basis! Taking care of ourselves can make all of the difference between whether we have children who struggle with certain issues and/or disabilities! Its important to do our best and challenge ourselves to define what our "best" is and can be!
SELF-RESPECT: I respect myself! I love exercising and eating well! I love taking pride in my appearance and treating my body/mind with respect! I love learning and applying what I learn! To me, it makes life very fulfilling and rewarding. As far as I know we only get one life, so I like to do all of the things that make me thrive!