Keeping A Journal/Log

Are you not getting the results you desire, even when you are consistent with your training? I recommend keeping a detailed journal of your current program!

Why is it imperative to keep a journal of your current program?

MOTIVATION: You can't remember "everything!" When you log what you are doing, you will be able to look back over what you have done. Doing so helps you verify if you've been consistent and if you've progressed in the direction that you want to go! Whether it's getting stronger, lowering body fat, or using less rest periods(etc...), seeing the work first hand, written in the journal, will be a great tool for keeping you motivated and helping keep you consistent!
PROGRESSION: It's incredibly valuable to be able to see how a program is working for you! Having a gauge of measurement to compare your personal progress with your previous "state" over time is one of the most exciting experiences we can have! Why not use this tool to help with your self mastery through your personal transformation? A journal/log can narrow down:

A) WHAT IS WORKING: As you progress over the weeks with your program, you will be able to see what is working for you! Things like using progressively heavier weight than when you first started, using less rest periods, or finishing your workout quicker will be shown in the journal when keeping a detailed log of your program!
B) WHAT IS NOT WORKING: If you're using the same weight or noticing the weightthat is being usedgoing down, then perhaps something needs adjusted! You might see that your rest periods are becoming longer than when you first started, and maybe you're not recovering as quickly. Perhaps the volume is too much, or something else might need changed. Whatever the case may be, having a detailed log will allow you to stop guessing and start making adjustments in an intelligent manner!
HOW LONG YOU SHOULD BE ON THE PROGRAM: You will start to notice patterns when you go from program to program! You will notice what works all of the time for you and what never works! For whatever reason, maybe you can stay on a certain set/repetition scheme forever and you will always see progress, but other schemes might need to be rotated more often. Some programs will last 2-4 weeks while others can last 4-24 weeks, or even longer!

Keeping a detailed journal of your training program will always prove to be effective! It will allow you to see minor and major bouts of progress that might not be noticed had you not used a journal! Personally, having a detailed journal is always necessary because you can always look back to see what worked great for you and what didn't! It's always fun to look back, noticing and acknowledging change and progress!