Importance Of Self Expression

By Amanda Venus Abdelrahman

"Each one of us needs to find a way to express himself. Expressing ourselves has a lot to do with our overall well being.

Pent up feelings and unexpressed thoughts start becoming blockages in the path of our progress as well as our mental peace. When we are not able to express ourselves, we feel suffocated .We need to find ways in which we can express ourselves in a meaningful and positive manner. Outlet is very much required for our feelings and thoughts. Once we express ourselves we are at peace with ourselves and we feel very light within .This opens path for optimum use of our capabilities..."[1]

No matter how much some people may deny it, we are all inherently "emotional beings!" Consider emotion as a flow of energy in motion (E-Motion), and this flow is constant throughout our lives. That doesn't mean that emotions always manifest to an extreme, only that they are ever-present within us as human beings and get expressed one way or another!

There are healthy ways to express our thoughts and the emotions that accompany them rather then stagnate our energy or suppress emotions, which would be the precursor to many outbursts and even 'dis-eases'! There are many outlets for self expression and emotional release! Some ideas include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Art/Creativity
- Writing
- Dance
- Music/singing
- Talking
- Fashion/Styling

Explore various options and find what works best for YOU!

1. Self Expression is important for personal well being