Self Awareness

By Amanda Venus Abdelrahman

"Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds." – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“You may believe that you are responsible for what you do, but not for what you think. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think." – Marianne Williamson

"Being truly healthy means taking responsibility for both your physical and inner selves. And, building the habit of self-awareness is an important tool to help you get there."[1]

"Self awareness is the foundation of personal growth and success."[2]

What is Self Awareness? 

Self-awareness is the ability to monitor our inner world, both thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness trains our attention to notice subtle, but important signals, and to see thoughts as they arise rather than just being swept away by them. Mindfulness is a method for enhancing the essential capacity of self awareness.

Why is Self Awareness Important?

Self awareness is important because the better we understand ourselves, the more we are able to experience ourselves as unique individuals. We are then empowered to make changes. These changes would involve building on our areas of strength, as well as identifying areas of weakness (things we would like to make improvements on) and taking necessary action to support them!

1. Building a Habit of Self-Awareness
2. Self Awareness