Never Sacrifice Form to Lift More Weight

When it comes to weightlifting, never sacrifice form to lift more weight! Lift with specific intention and control. Do not just move weights using any muscle your body would compensate with to execute a movement! Moving more weight does not matter one bit when you aren't using the muscle you want to target in the first place. There is a time and place for STRATEGICALLY using less than optimal form, but that topic will be discussed another time. For now, when it comes to developing the body, strict form and isolating the muscle is imperative. Training properly using strict form with the appropriate weight for each exercise is what will produce results.

I cannot emphasize importance of tension enough, as it is very important to understand. The muscle does not know how much weight is being lifted, but how much tension is being generated. This means squeezing and contracting the muscle, and not just moving the weights from A to B (start to finish).

Take note that when I say " the muscle does not know how much weight is being lifted", this does not mean that weight is not important and to only use very light weight. That is not the case and will not produce desired results. Weight is important, and the goal is to select the appropriate weight specific to the exercise being performed, the number of repetitions, etc. It is just not so important at the expense of correct form!

Poor Form Leaves You Vulnerable To:
- Injuries
- Poor Development
- Strength discrepancie between limbs