Liver: Natures Greatest Supplement

I often refer to liver as natures greatest supplement. It's full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals! It contains all of your B vitamins, Iron, vitamin A and much much more. This can really be considered your greatest multi vitamin, only better because it isn’t synthetically made in a laboratory.

“Using foods as supplementation should be the foundation to any healing process. FRESH, ORGANIC, GRASS-FED beef or chicken liver, prepared in manner supportive to digestive abilities, offers up a multitude of vitamins and minerals including: Vitamin A, D, E, C, all your B Vitamins, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper, selenium and zinc! I realize not everyone is a fan of liver but there are many approaches to doing this. It is worth exploring what might work for you.”[1]

• HELPS ELIMINATE CRAVINGS: Incorporating liver into an already diverse nutrition plan can help those that suffer with cravings. When the body isn’t receiving enough B vitamins, cravings can come about and usually in the form of things that may not be the most ideal for us, such as grains and starches. Eating (supplementing) liver can help alleviate such cravings.
• METABOLISM, IMMUNE SYSTEM, ENERGY AND HEALTHY FAT LOSS: Liver is great to assist in jump starting the metabolism, which will help improve your body's immune system. The B vitamins help a great deal with restoring your natural energy levels by shutting down the stress response and not running on stress hormones. This will allow the body to lose fat in a much safer and healthier way.
• TRACE MINERALS FOR THE THYROID: Liver contains trace minerals such as copper and selenium which enables you to turn t4 into t3 (thyroid hormone.)
• HELPS COMBAT STRESS“When animals on seemingly adequate diets are submitted to stress, widespread damage occurs in their bodies. If these animals, however, are given fresh or dried liver or a crude liver concentrate, little harm is done. For example, when the strength of animals was tested by making them swim in ice water, the animals on ‘normal’ diets could swim only three to ten minutes before drowning; animals given the same diet fortified with liver swam two hours or longer and lived to swim again."

"When liver is given, the harmful effects of such stressor agents as atabrine, excessive amounts of the thyroid hormone or milk sugar, extreme heat or cold, lack of oxygen, X-rays, and various drugs have been prevented or decreased. Animals subjected to stress but not given liver often die unexpectedly, apparently of heart failure, although they may have all the outward appearances of good health. Liver of all varieties appears to be the richest source of the antistress vitamins…”[2]


I do not recommend eating any food to someone who cannot stomach it or enjoy it, regardless of how great of a food it may be for you. Forcing yourself to do something you truly hate causes stress, and if that's the case for you then perhaps the benefits do not outweigh the cost.

The following are some tips to help fall in love with the taste of liver:
• THE PRINCIPLE OF 3: I recommend trying a food at least three times before giving it up. Sometimes it can take time to “acquire” a taste or liking for certain foods. Usually after the third time of trying a food, if you still do not like it, then you probably wont change. Sometimes I give myself a range of three to five times, just to be sure. This never fails.
• PREPARE IT DIFFERENTLY AND/OR COMBINE WITH OTHER FOODS: People who can’t stomach the taste of liver on its own sometimes fall in love with it by combining it with ground beef. Mixing them together can mask the distinct taste of the liver, and even adding spices with it sometimes makes it more enjoyable (ex. Liver and Beef Chili.) Another option is mixing it with your favorite fruits and veggies. A mixture of cooked apples and potatoes seems helpful to some. Try other combinations that sound appealing to you.
• LIVER PATE: Liver pate is a mixture of cooked ground meat and fat minced into a spreadable paste. Common additions include vegetables, herbs, spices.
LIVER PILLS: Because liver really is natures greatest supplement, some people who can’t quite stomach the taste or smell of it, encapsulate it, and freeze it into small liver tablets to swallow so that they can get the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in some way.

• Since liver contains a good amount of iron, be careful consuming vitamin c rich foods with liver. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of Iron. Too much Iron can be problematic
• How much liver a person should eat is person specific and depends on different factors.

These factors include:
- How much sun is being received.
- How much vitamin A is needed.
- What other foods are being consumed.
- How you feel after eating a certain amount.
- Whether you need more or less in a weeks time period.

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