3 Weight Training Myths Debunked

Myth 1: Women Will Get Big and Bulky From Weight Training

The world is not flat and women who body sculpt will not develop huge disproportionate muscles. No plan and poor training execution will be the culprit of that. Far too often some men and women think that just by looking at weights they will suddenly sprout big muscles. This just isn't the case, as it is incredibly challenging to sculpt a great physique (great physique = person specific). If the trainee has certain muscles that respond too well from training (meaning for whatever reason that particular muscle develops quickly and easily) and too much growth isn’t what is desired, make the necessary adjustments to minimize their involvement in the routine.

My best advice is to become aware of how to train properly and train smart. This involves learning what parts of the body to grow and sculpt, while minimizing growth and development in other areas of the body. Learn how to create an illusion, favor symmetry and proportion.

Myth 2: Fat Turns Into Muscle

Unless you have entered the "Twilight Zone" fat can't and wont turn into muscle. The processes of fat loss and muscle building are a bit too complex to fully describe in this medium, but building muscle WILL help with fat loss by raising your bodies metabolic demands in conjunction with appropriate nutrition, stress management and sleep.

MYTH 3: More Is Better

Trainees often think that to get the best results possible, one must spend hours upon hours working out. This couldn't be any further from the truth. The saying "less is more" really rings true here.

"Back in 1925 German scientist discovered that to acquire larger muscles you must increase the intensity of work done in the shortest amount of time." – Vince Gironda, "Calculating the Pump"

What Vince Gironda meant was that it does not matter how much work you do, but what matters is how much work you get done in the shortest possible time. More specifically, a shorter workout rather than a longer one is more beneficial especially in terms of gaining muscle and fat loss, and it's also less time consuming for people with limited time to spare.

As always, lifting with conscious awareness is paramount. Never take your mind off of your form, as injuries can come easily and quickly when your just going through the motions.